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Best Travel Destinations For 2023

We’re officially into 2023 and travel seems to have fully rebounded from the “re-opening” in 2022. Now more than ever, people are booking their bucket-list adventures and making plans to see the world. With the world literally at your fingertips once more, here are some top locations to consider for your 2023 getaway based on your interests.

Best for Solo Travelers: Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations and one of the top spots for a solo trip. It’s easy to navigate and the people are friendly, with the capital city of Reykjavik feeling more like a small town. It’s also easy to meet up with other travelers if you don’t want to have a meal alone.

Don’t Miss: While the world-famous Blue Lagoon might feel touristy, it’s a place that you must visit at least once, and trust me, you will not feel out of place while enjoying a soak on your own.

Reykjavik - Capital of Iceland

Best for Families: Honolulu, Hawaii

For families who are looking for a beach vacation with a wide range of other attractions and the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture, it’s hard to beat Honolulu. You’ll be able to enjoy all the usual activities like soaking up the sun and the sand, snorkeling, and surfing. Additionally, the area offers many kid-friendly activities like the Waikiki Aquarium, the Honolulu Zoo, and Dolphin Quest.

Don’t Miss: The Polynesian Cultural Center hosts luaus that include dining on kalua pig prepared in a traditional earth oven, listening to live Hawaiian music, and watching hula dancers perform.

The Beautiful Shores of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

Best for Large Groups: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

One of Mexico’s top destinations, Cabo San Lucas is great for a large group getaway. There is a wide range of all-inclusive resorts that make for a hassle-free stay, with everything from budget-friendly options to properties that offer the ultimate luxury experience complete with jaw-dropping ocean views. Numerous vacation rentals are available here too, many of which come with private pools, concierge services, and much more. No matter where you are, it’s guaranteed that a margarita or a delicious meal will not be too far away😊.

Don’t Miss: After a day on the beach soaking up the sun, be sure to head downtown and take in the nightlife. You must experience the after-dark action of Cabo’s bars, nightclubs, cantinas, and live music venues. No matter your preference for nightlife, you will be thoroughly pleased with the options to party in Cabo.

All-Inclusive Resorts With Amazing Views

Best for Nature Lovers: Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers it all for nature lovers with Manuel Antonio National Park being one of the top destinations boasting white sandy beaches, lush jungle, and abundant wildlife. Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and toucans can all be seen here.

Don’t Miss: Manuel Antonio National Park is also known for its marine life and vibrant coral reefs. This makes it an ideal location for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking excursions.

Abundant Wildlife Within the Park

Best for Arts & Culture: Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the most important Renaissance architectural and art centers in the world. According to UNESCO, 60 percent of the most important works of art that exist are in Italy, and around half are in Florence. You’ll find many museums, palaces, and churches that are home to priceless pieces of art.

Don’t Miss: The Accademia Gallery is one of Florence’s most visited museums featuring Michelangelo’s works. This museum includes the marble statue of David, which is one you certainly should not miss.

The Florence Skyline

Best for Nightlife: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the world’s most stunning party destinations and is known for its beach party vibes. On this island, there are just as many options for a great day party as there are for the night! It’s not uncommon for clubs to attract world-renowned DJs to enhance the party and give partygoers a treat.

Don’t Miss: Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches for the party scene. It draws celebrities and tourists that have the common goal of enjoying a great party. Be sure to check out one of the infamous sunset parties while on Paradise Beach.

Take a Breath From Partying With a Great Seaside Meal


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