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Who can book a trip?

Any person age 18 or older may book a trip. You can bring your kids along; however, the primary traveler must meet the age requirements. Currently, travelers from outside the US cannot use our services at this time. Stay tuned for future changes in this area.

How far in advance should I book?

We highly recommend booking your surprise vacation as soon as possible. For practicality, airfare and accommodations have more availability and are less expensive the further out you book. More options will be available for locations to send you that meet your criteria.

How do I determine a budget?

Everyone has different budgets when they’re traveling, and that’s ok. A higher budget translates into more direct flights, higher-class hotels, and even more exotic locations. There are a lot of variables at play when it comes to the budget – whether your departure airport is a hub, the time of year, other events that are taking place at the same time at your arrival point. Generally, the higher your budget, the more options we’ll have when booking your surprise vacation. Whatever your budget, we will create a great experience for you.

Do you offer trip insurance?

Absolutely and it’s highly recommended. Rates vary depending on the number of travelers and the cost of the trip. We can provide you with a quote if you’re interested after you’ve signed up.

Ready to get away?

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