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The Hidden Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

Updated: Jan 4

In a world of having access to most things at your fingertips, many travelers search for and book their travel online in the same manner that they search for and buy any and everything on Amazon. There are so many online booking mediums at this point that it makes it rather easy for people to shop around and arrange their own journeys.

What is often missed is that a good travel agent is passionate about sharing the world with others and goes beyond just planning your vacation – they are an invaluable resource and take care of you from beginning to end, saving travelers time and money. Consider using a travel agent for your next major trip so you can take advantage of these hidden benefits.

Trusted Advice

Who has been mesmerized by pristine commercials of Hawaii’s glittering turquoise waters and smiling faces of people standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? When you start to do your own research, you're overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and all the advice (sometimes conflicting) that lives online. Where do you start? Whose advice do you trust? It can feel like being in school again and doing a research paper!

Many agencies specialize in different areas of travel which solidifies their experience in a certain niche. Travel agents can facilitate the entire process of planning a vacation, from brainstorming trip ideas down to the last-minute details like which train to take between Barcelona and Madrid.

Travel agents speak from personal experience and industry training; planning with one allows you to hone in on your interests and design your ideal getaway. Because travel advisors are well-informed about the destinations you plan to visit, we can provide all sorts of tips that it could take you hours upon hours to uncover online – everything from hidden viewpoints to great local restaurants.

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Personalized Experiences

Building a relationship with a travel agent means they get to learn your preferences and traveling style, allowing them to personalize your journeys for you.

Agents can put together your personalized experience no matter how unique the situation: a trip that blends a city and beach experience, restaurants options for a vegetarian traveling in a heavy meat-consumption country, cake delivery to your hotel room on the day of your wedding anniversary.

Having someone that will work with you to fit your preferences makes all the difference.

They Sweeten the Deal

Travel agencies that are part of a consortium have access to exclusive pricing and promotions that rarely go public. This allows agents to sweeten the deal when possible by offering cabin upgrades and onboard credit. Travel agents also have the privilege of pre-selecting seats on most flights, ensuring you don’t end up in the middle seat of a long-haul flight, minimizing the stress of being trapped in a cramped economy seat.

Save Time

You save time by being able to ask your travel agent for advice instead of searching through online blogs and forums. Travel agents build complex itineraries by arranging all transportation methods, booking your accommodations and booking activities for you to do in your destination of choice. And due to their vast network of connections, they can also arrange for reliable guides to pick you up at your hotel or meet you at the entrance of a museum for a tour.

Save time by consulting a travel agent and stay organized without the extra stress.

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Assistance on the Road

This is a big one! When something goes wrong, there is no worse feeling than calling an 800 number and hoping the person on the other end is empathetic to your situation. If you’ve booked your travels with an agent, you can call for assistance and receive personalized attention while they help resolve any issues that arise while you’re traveling. Your agent will inform you of your next best options and can even book you into a hotel for the night instead of leaving you scrambling on hotel search engines. This should give you added peace of mind for those “what-if” scenarios.

I know a lot of us are in the habit of doing as much as we can without asking anyone for help. When it’s time to plan your next vacation, consider using a travel agent so you can take advantage of these hidden benefits.


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